MacGray and Co. is knifemaker Myrton MacGray, his son Gunnar, and our partner Cameron Higman.  Our goal is to create tough, sturdy American made tools out of quality materials. Gunnar and Cameron handle the aspects of running a small business, and Myrton makes the knives.


We carefully build each knife one at a time- Design, material selection, grinding, heat treatment, shaping and polishing.  We maintain tight tolerances during heat treatment for maximum performance and durability. 


Most of our knives are made of the following steels:  D2, CPM 154, AEB-L, and 01.  Handles are either wood or composite materials.  The selection of the materials is based on consideration of what the end use will be and what elements and stresses the knife will be subjected to.  We are focused on using top quality materials and building top notch custom knives.

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